#FlashBackFriday Blog Post from 2012

Walking Shoes

These shoes are made for walking… in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon.


” ͞Knock, Knock…Who’s There? Your friendly neighborhood Realty One Realtor.͟ When I first began my career as a Realtor my phone began ringing non-stop, but not people needing my services. Instead my phone was now a call center for every form of paid marketing you could imagine. Zillow, Trulia, Shopping Cart Ads, Billboards, Radio, Print, Unions, Facebook, and that was just in the first two hours of each day. When you start Real Estate you are told to create a marketing budget. Being a broke broker I decided to invest in a pair of comfortable, yet stylish shoes to beat the streets with door knocking. Love thy neighbor came to mind, so I decided to introduce myself to my neighbors. Ninety-seven percent of my neighbors were very kind, but there was the 3 percent. Your community changes when you are walking and not speeding by in your car. Areas that looked shady now were simply Jo Ann or Paul’s street. Now I know you all want to hear about the less enjoyable interactions. I am a dog lover and one sunny spring day I was walking down Mill Street. Two very large Pit Bulls were chained to a tree in the front yard. Noticing the dogs were agitated, I slowly merged to the opposite side of the road. Suddenly Fido lunged snapping the metal chain and then this beast began charging me. The dog chomped on my ankle and I kicked it off with my free leg. The owner began running to the street and the dog charged again. I pulled a Jackie Chan and popped it in the nose. The owner apologized and I handed him my card. The other fun story was the jealous husband. I sent a note to a nice lady about twice my age thanking her for talking to me. I typically follow up a quality conversation with a note. Well, the boyfriend opened the note and called me. He was not happy and felt I was getting fresh. No matter what I said, he did not believe our conversation was strictly business. The adventures in door knocking keep you on your toes. I have never received any business from my knocking, but I have earned the respect of all door to door salespeople.Now it is time for a Ninkasi, Oak Shire, Hop Valley or whatever local craft is on tap.”


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