Walking Shoes

#FlashBackFriday Blog Post from 2012

These shoes are made for walking… in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon.   ” ͞Knock, Knock…Who’s There? Your friendly neighborhood Realty One Realtor.͟ When I first began my career as a Realtor my phone began ringing non-stop, but not people needing my services. Instead my phone was now a call center for every form of paid

Top 15 Real Estate Terms to Know

Real estate terminology can feel like a foreign language at first. There are an abundance of terms that end up sounding like the other. When mortgage lenders, escrow officers, agents, and websites are all using these terms it can be frustrating to begin the process. To help alleviate the learning curve for beginners and provide a

Life of Realtor

This blog is intended to provide a little insight into being a Realtor. Names, dates, times and locations have been changed to protect the innocent. The best place to begin in my humble opinion was creating my head shot. My whole life my mother threatened me on picture day. The great the expectation to smile