Life of Realtor

This blog is intended to provide a little insight into being a Realtor. Names, dates, times and locations have been changed to protect the innocent. The best place to begin in my humble opinion was creating my head shot. My whole life my mother threatened me on picture day. The great the expectation to smile like a super star resulted in a bizarre flashing of teeth and gum. So, when my Principal Broker said Nick your head shot is tomorrow I will filled with mixed emotions. The next day I showed up with multiple outfits, gum, and a tooth brush and can do attitude. I must admit it was awkward, but after the first few shots the inner model emerged. I did the serious, funny, wild tiger, and shy pose. 98% of these photo will not see the light of day. The photographer was able to put technology to good use tucking this and tucking that to create the image you now see.



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